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About Us

Our collection, therefore, comprises of the best unknown wines in Europe all with outstanding taste, quality, and balance.

Meet our Sommelier

Our award-winning Sommelier, Filiberto Magnati, has secured wines from some incredible European vineyards.

We’re able to offer them to you at a fraction of their retail prices, by having them bottled under our Mysterious Wines label.

Owner of his own restaurants in Italy, Filiberto is the link between wine and the drinker. He believes that every wine has its own unique story and it’s his purpose as a sommelier to deliver the wine’s message.

Filiberto, works closely with the vineyards and growers, monitoring the entire process from maturation to bottling., Our collection comprises some of the best wines in Europe – all with outstanding taste, quality, and balance. The entire range is sourced from dedicated growers who are meticulous about producing top quality product and nothing else.

Filiberto provides individual tasting notes and food pairings for every wine in our range, which can be found in our online shop. He’s also available to answer any questions you might have. Just send us a message and he will be in contact!

“Really lovely and unique wines. I like that I can pick my own bottles based on sommelier’s tasting notes and wine descriptions. Have purchased 6 bottles on three occasions and have yet to find one I didn’t like.”
Ray Smith
“Wine samples arrived quickly with lovely packaging. My samples were picked by the sommelier and they were tremendous! Ordered full bottles of all 3 – can’t wait for them to arrive.”
Samantha Ryan
“I built my own sample wine kits for me and my daughter to have a virtual wine tasting together. We loved the entire experience, from the wines to the tasting videos with Filiberto!”
Malcolm Moore

How it works.

Take our short and fun Digital Sommelier Questionnaire Take our short and fun Digital Sommelier Questionnaire
Order a sample kit, comprising of 3x100ml tubes Order a sample kit, comprising of 3x100ml tubes
Enjoy some amazing Mysterious Wines Enjoy some amazing Mysterious Wines
Order from our shop - and have the full cost of your sample kit refunded Order from our shop - and have the full cost of your sample kit refunded


Now there’s no mystery about finding great wine. Choose from an incredible selection from across Europe, handpicked by our award-winning Sommelier, Filiberto Magnati.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate at recommending wine is your sommelier’s questionnaire?

Over 92% accurate, and if you’d like to speak with our sommelier directly please contact us.

Where can I find your wine tasting videos?

You can find all our wine tasting videos are on our YouTube channel.

Can I drink my wine samples and full bottles as soon as they arrive?

For the best drinking experience we recommend letting your wine samples and wine bottles rest for at least 24 hours, standing up right and white and rose wines refrigerated.

When will my wine arrive?

Sample wine kits ordered before 2:00 will be delivered by 1st class Royal Mail the next day. Full bottle deliveries depend on quantity and delivery method chosen. For more information please refer to our shipping page or our order confirmation email.

Can I purchase full bottles of the wines I sampled?

Yes, of course! You’ll find your sample order details (including exactly what wines our sommelier picked for you) by logging into your account and clicking on ‘order details’. Simply head to our shop to find full bottles available for purchase and home delivery.

What’s the minimum number of full bottles I can purchase?

There is no minimum order requirement; however, our shipping cost is flat-rate so you will save money by purchasing more than one bottle at a time.

Will you be adding more types of wine to your range?

Yes, we certainly will! Watch this space because in the coming months we’ll be introducing additional wines from vineyards around the world. All our wines will be sourced with our same, small-batch philosophy and hand-picked by our sommelier for their quality and taste. Sign up to our newsletter to receive updates including additions to our product range and exclusive offers.

Can I cancel my wine subscription at any time?

Yes you can; however, we kindly ask that you provide a 30-day cancellation notice.

I have a question about my order – who can I contact?

We are available to contact 7 days a week and would be happy to answer any questions you have. Please email info@mysteriouswines.com.

Can I find your wines anywhere else?

No you cannot – our wines are completely exclusive to us and can’t be found in supermarkets.